Friday, November 29, 2013

Adventures in Post, III

This image isn't one of mine: Chris shot it with a pocket Lumix on her way to work earlier this week. I took the jpg and made a few adjustments.
First, out of the camera:

Then, after being imported into Lightroom as a jpg and having blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation, and contrast adjusted. This took me about 15, 20 seconds I would guess.

And the final one is after being taken into Photoshop and having contrast adjusted further with curves and a luminance mask. This takes longer - I'd guess this took maybe 5 minutes to get right. I also applied some sharpening. Applying an S curve that is masked to only the brightest areas (or rather, is masked to areas in proportion to their brightness) flattens the brightness curve of the whole image out, and makes the colours deeper and richer. It also reduces the importance of the central bright area, giving a more dynamic feel.

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Chris said...

The 2nd version is closest to my memory of what it actually looked like. The picture straight out of the camera was decidedly less impressive that the real thing.