Wednesday, April 12, 2017

On Sunday

We went for a long walk. We went up through Exhibition Park (which was built in an old gravel quarry) and down Discovery Trail just short of Highway 11, then back. It was close to 90 minutes each way, with only a couple of short breaks - I had something in my shoe, and Chris had to have a bathroom break on the way back.

We turned around at a little park near the old transfer station. The trail comes down the hill, then through the bog and then follows the road for maybe 100 m before turning north. The road isn't attractive - there are a few piles of abandoned stuff where people came down, found that that transfer station was gone, and dumped their refuse on the side of the road.

But as soon as you leave the road, there's a little area of reclaimed marshland with a raised trail through it. And somebody felt that a couple of the conifers needed a little dressing up, presumably for Christmas.

I found it a delightful little touch.

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