Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Cheese Post

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of images from our recent trip to Seattle.

I have a friend I used to work with some years ago. We have stayed in touch - I probably chat to her a couple or three times a week. She lives in Montreal, but comes out for work twice a year.

She's out in BC now, and on Saturday Chris and I took her to Seattle. The weather was glorious - a beautiful clear winter day that got up warm enough that there were people on the street in shorts. Stupid people, I'll grant you, but a non-zero number of them.

Josee not having been in Seattle before, we did the area around the Pike Place market.

This was shot at Beecher's Cheese across from the Market. It's not perfect - I need to tweak this a bunch more. There were people standing with us at the window and their shadows have crossed my image...


Chris said...

So the milk has fallen into shadow?

dean said...

I want to revisit that place and shoot the milk again, but this time I am going to employ you as window-clearing muscle. 'Gerrout o' it!' you will bellow while brandishing a claymore, or perhaps a large salami. The window-crowding peons will scatter before your wrath, and I will snap a photo.

Chris said...

Perhaps, in the spirit of shadow-cleansing, I can wield a blazing staff and roar "YOU ... SHALL NOT ... PASS!!!"