Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Christine and I have discovered geocaching.

Well, not discovered, really. I've known about it for years, as I suspect Christine has. But for some weird reason (it's weird because I don't know what it is...) I suddenly became interested in it, and we went out.

We don't have a GPS, but we do have Christine's Nexus. That's it in the purple cover in the first photo. So after I got the idea that we should try this, she loaded up an app called, I think, c:geo. We picked two near our house, and set out.

Alas, we didn't find either of them. Turns out that nobody else had found one of them for months and it was almost certainly gone, and the other one was listed as a 'special' container. I found what looked to be a perfect special container, but there was nothing inside.

After our initial disappointment, we headed out last Sunday morning on a cold but otherwise lovely winter day.

Find one.

Find two.
Find three.

After this one it was almost noon and we had pathetic children at home who won't eat unless you tell them to, so we headed back. Plus I was hungry and needed food rather badly.

But our second geocaching day was a success.

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